Qantas Virtual Group Academy

International Contract

We believe the Qantas Virtual Group has some of the best and most experienced pilots in the world.

Whether it’s flying a Dash 8 across to Longreach or landing a Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Los Angeles, our pilots say they have the best office in the world.

We train our staff members to the highest standards and we can draw on almost 6 years of aviation experience. We want to help shape the next generation of Qantas Virtual Group and that’s why we’re establishing the Qantas Virtual Group Academy. It will open its doors in 2018 with an initial intake of 10 applicants.  Once it’s fully established we expect to train up to 240 pilots a year.

We expect the typical entrants to be high school or university graduates with a strong academic performance. After 18 months of classroom, simulator and real-world flight training you’ll graduate. The training could lead to employment with one of the Qantas Virtual Group virtual airlines, including Jetstar.

We’ll be releasing more information about the academy in the coming months. You can register your interest below. 

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